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Brian Matthews Reviews

Annie Bereksazi

Brian- you have an excellent eye for capturing beautiful moments! Based on what I've seen- you're extremely talented and wish you all the success with future endeavors!

Mindy Kiehl

Brian does a fantastic job with his photography, but more importantly, he provides his customers with more than what they expect. Brian goes above and beyond, he listens to his clients’ needs, and provides an outstanding end-product. Brian has great energy and brings everything he has to each client. His client’s happiness is Brian’s happiness and it shows in his work. I highly recommend Brian and Trailside Photography – you will not be disappointed.

Sid Vasey

Brian took some shots of my son playing lacrosse. I wasn't sure what to expect but when I saw the pics they were awesome! He captured action pics and some where my son is cheering and hanging out with his team mates, there were many I wanted to purchase. Plus he was great to work with in regards to recommending size of prints and producing a high quality product, very patient with my questions. Great customer service. I've seen some of his other work, equally as good. He does great wedding photos and outdoor shots. I'm looking forward to working with him again.

Essie Kimani

I met Brian at my friend's graduation ceremony. He took individual portraits of most people including myself and I was captivated by his creativity, patience and passion. He is a gifted photographer who definitely enjoys what he does. Therefore, I would highly recommend him. Thanks for the amazing pics Brian.

Carrie Krawczyk

We have ordered multiple prints for our home from Brian. He took the time to help with the best layout for our rooms and which prints would compliment each other. Very professional and also very quick to respond to any questions or requests we had. On top of all that the prints are absolutely beautiful. Simply flawless!

Kristie McCullough

I ordered a print. System was easy to use and order appropriate size. It said it would be a couple weeks and I had it in less than 10 days. Awesome professional service. Very much enjoy the work.

Jay Green

Brian has an amazing eye. The shots he captures accentuates photography at its finest. His vision immerses you into the time and place of the picture. He definitely captures all the feels!

Chelsea Kinross

Discovered his photography on Instagram and we will simply not find such unique work anywhere else. He captures landscape views exceptionally well. I personally love his Presque Isle shots. He is truly one of a kind.

Alexandra Turosik

I discovered Brian Matthews Photography on Facebook, and I was quickly blown away by how good his work is! He has so many photos of Erie, PA, a place I have grown up and fell in love with over the years. He does a WONDERFUL job of capturing the atmosphere there. I would highly recommend checking him out! - Alexandra Turosik

Julie Hutchinson

Amazing photographer! I followed him on Facebook so that I could see all of the amazing photos he posts. Sunset photos are my favorites!

Mary Ann Ensign

I love seeing Brians photos on facebook, I am re-updating my home room by room and I have a couple prints in mind. I can't wait til I'm ready to actually get them and can have such high quality images of my home town in my home.

Larry Klick

An exceptionally good eye and extremely creative. I highly recommend Brian Matthews Photography for any of your relevant needs.

Maya Arnold

With every picture of Brian’s, it gives me an entirely different perspective of the area of where I grew up. Each photograph is absolutely stunning!

Dawn Sloppy

I love Brian Matthews Photography because he always captures the true beauty of Lake Erie. His passion for what he does is amazing!

Jenn Cullers

I love my canvas prints from Brian Matthews Photography! He is so easy to work with and always professional!

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